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    How fortunes change

    Al Alvarez talks at some length in his first posting about the fact that poker is a game of skill, not of luck. But Al, like all of us from time to time, must have experienced a period of constant outdraws. This is an incredibly frustrating time for a poker-player, and as we all know […]

    The Anonymous Userid for Online Poker

    Important note: I used to work for PokerStars; I don’t any more. What I’m writing here is my opinion, and not necessarily PokerStars’ opinion. Please don’t confuse the two. An interesting thread has started up on 2+2 – the original poster suggests that online poker players be identified as simply "Player1", "Player2", or other relatively […]

    My cover is blown

    The Set Up When I first signed up to write for Bigger Deal, I had a problem. I knew that my fellow bloggers were all much better poker players than I was. Al and Tony’s skills had been forged in the white heat of their home game and their trips to the WSOP; Lee’s expert […]

    Check it at the Door

    I’ve been playing at the underground card clubs in New York again, after a slight break following the birth of our daughter, Eden River (yes, someday she will be able to divine the true nature of her daddy’s degenerate ways in the tea leaves of her middle name – but you have to admit it’s a […]

    Father’s Day – June 17, 2007

    Soundtrack: Kyrie from Palestrina’s Missa Pro Defunctis, the Chanticleer recording. We need something beautiful today. So I’m out wandering around my temporary home of Vancouver, BC this afternoon. I’m walking south across the Granville Street bridge when I see a police car, lights ablaze, parked near the summit of the bridge, blocking a lane of […]

    Premier Poker Punch-up

    Residing in the UK gives the cable/satellite television viewer a plethora of poker products to muse over, select and devour at weird times of the day and night. No it doesn’t. The home-grown products are nearly all so shockingly dire that you really have to be excited by a family birthday video to be able […]

    Nixon in China

    Forgive my brief absence – I’ve been out there plugging the book, trying to hang on to The Job (of which more in a moment), mopping up in our Friday night game (details strictly classified) and visiting my dear pal Al Alvarez – who, you will all be appalled to know, recently suffered a small […]

    Jumping In

    Soundtrack: “Aqua Boogie” by Parliament. The first line of the verse I: “Never learned to swim – can’t catch the rhythm of the stroke” describes my first poker experience perfectly. That and the barely controlled chaos of a P-Funk tune is a good proxy for most poker clubs, including Garden City in San Jose.     […]

    Where are the WSOP TDs?

    Okay, I give up. What are the WSOP tournament directors thinking? A guy named Ciaran O’Leary has just won event #3 at the World Series of Poker – $1,500 no-limit hold’em. When his opponents had a difficult decision to make against him, he’d stand up and pace around the stage. So, let’s start from the […]

    Twisted Logic

    THE SET UP As someone new to blogging, I must say that I’m finding all the democracy that goes with it rather hard to handle. So far as I can see, it works like this: I write a diary, offering a humble, honest insight into my play, and then everybody else lines up to put […]