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    The bots are coming!

    The End is Nigh! Or is it? It all began in 1992 when a thing called Chinook took on a man called Dr. Marion Tinsley. Who he and what it, I expect you’re wondering? Well, Tinsley was as close to god as you can get in the sleepy world of draughts (checkers). In his World […]

    WSOP 07 : The Endgame

    So it’s true. Psychological savvy helps. For the superstitious (like me), it was also his commitment to giving 10% of his winnings to charity that saw 40-year-old psychologist Jerry Yang from Laos, now resident in California, arrive at the final table with by far the punchiest karma. When play began at noon yesterday, Yang held […]

    Interlude – Ye Olde Merrie Englande

    "You don’t want to be photographed with me?" asked the Queen indignantly. "No way," I replied brusquely, sweeping past Her Maj and her baffled Beefeater bodyguard without even saying hello, let alone genuflecting. This was – as veteran royal-watchers would (if asked) confirm – my first royal red carpet in, well, yes, a few years. […]

    WSOP 07 – The Final Table

    After ten long days of play, not to mention 54 previous events over six weeks, we’re at last down to the final table of the WSOP ‘main event’. The elimination of Washington State’s Steve Garfinkle soon after 4 a.m. this morning left just nine players still standing out of the 6,358 starters (including Yours Truly) […]

    WSOP 07 – When winning is not enough

    "How do you spell ‘devastated’?" John Duthie was in mid-text to his loved ones back in Blighty, all asleep as Gus Hansen’s bare pre-flop ace sealed Q-Q Duthie’s doom, when he asked me this poignant question. Walking back from dinner towards the tournament room late on Thursday, Day 3, I bumped into John coming the […]

    Improve your karma

    The Set Up I’m writing this as the main event goes into Day Four, and all we know for sure is that the winner is going to get around $8,000,000 this time. Not a bad chunk of change. And as I watch the hand by hand reporting come over the internet – an experience very […]

    WSOP 07 – Machiavelli rules, okay?

    You can rely on the World Series of Poker for enlightening new takes on the game. Among the new rules introduced this year by the Players Advisory Committee is an intriguing clause making it illegal to ‘induce’ a call. Sometimes, amid all the Machiavellian chat at the table made so fashionable by television, this can […]

    WSOP 07 – Long Day’s Journey from 1 to 2

    ‘It’s the worst moment of the year,’ says two-time world champ Doyle Brunson, doyen of living poker players, of the day you’re knocked out of the sixty-million-dollar ‘main event’ of poker’s World Series. From personal experience over the last 20 years – in which I’ve made it through to Day Two of the world title […]

    WSOP 07 – Luck vs probability

    "Luck is nothing but probability taken personally" declared Penn Jillette, of the Rio’s resident double-act Penn and Teller, before intoning "Shuffle up and deal" to get Day 1-B under way at the Main Event of the 2007 World Series of Poker. Many seem to believe this mildly amusing thought is Penn’s own, but he is […]

    WSOP O7 – The Year of the Poker Writer?

    The Moll can relax. George Clooney didn’t show up for the World Series of Poker’s ‘Ante Up for Africa’ event, hosted by Annie Duke and Don Cheadle. Those who did included Matt Damon, Ben Affleck (who just happens to be Cindy’s cousin) and Martin Sheen – whom I bumped into walking through the lobby of […]