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    Someone Gimme a Stone

    Soundtrack: “Gimme a Stone”. There are a few recordings, but check out Little Feat’s version, and the Levon Helm/Chieftains version from the “Largo” project album.   Casino Barcelona, the site of the European Poker Tour’s first stop, doesn’t open until 3:00 PM, both good and bad news. The good news is that we have most […]

    Swimming in the Med at the EPT

    The end of August. For parents, a bit of peace and quiet around the house. For school kids, definitely a mixed blessing. Part of you dreads the return of pencils, books, and teachers’ dirty looks. [1] The rest of your being looks forward to getting out of the house, being with your friends, school events, […]

    Gut check – who am I as a poker player

    I had my first visit to the River Rock Casino in Vancouver this past week. First off, it’s one of my new favorite places to play poker, and that has nothing to do with the quality of the games. [1] Vancouver is a beautiful, charming city with a variety of restaurants and shopping I don’t […]

    Fabius Cunctator

    I’ve just finished reading a great book called The Power of the Dog. It’s a novel about CIA activities in central America, and it contains as neat a summing up of US foreign policy as I’ve ever heard: "What we lack in subtlety, we make up for in lack of subtlety." That line struck a […]

    My Fantasy Poker Game

    On holiday in Turkey , with no WiFi or Internet connection and not a casino in sight, I wiled away some mental time in the sun by concocting my Fantasy Poker Game. Allowing myself both living and dead players, and limiting the table to seven, I surprised myself by my instinctive first choice: Richard Nixon. […]

    Not a bot in sight – Loose Cannon hosts UK Poker Open next week

    Last night I played in a satellite for next week’s mega-tournament at The Loose Cannon,’s bricks-n-mortar partner down by Father Thames in London’s Blackfriars. Didn’t win, of course. Usual story: my button A-J beaten by the small blind’s Anna bloody Kournikova – yes, since you ask, ace on the flop and I was a […]

    Bot Paranoia

    Soundtrack: "For What It’s Worth" by Buffalo Springfield. Paranoia strikes deep Into your heart it will creep It starts when you’re always afraid… My Bigger Deal colleague, Richard Whitehouse, his heart in his mouth, writes that the Sky is Falling and that online poker as we know it is about to end. Or at least […]