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    Poker in Portugal

    Recently I took a very pleasant ten-day break in Portugal. No planning, no hotels booked, I just flew to Lisbon, hired a car and took off. Some way into the trip I called into the town of Espinho (300km north of Lisbon) and much to my surprise managed to get into a hotel right next […]

    From “Idiot” to “Immeasurable Genius”

    I recently went on a romantic mini-break to Umbria with my girlfriend. The plan was simple: to stay in a beautiful villa in the grounds of a ruined abbey, to go truffle hunting and fishing, to take long walks by the ornamental lake, to dine not wisely but too well, and to make out like […]


    ‘Play poker against Anthony Holden, Al Alvarez, Grub Smith, Cindy Blake and the other bloggers…’ That’s what we’ve been saying on this website throughout its first six months. Now we are ready to deliver. On Tuesday 30 October, we will be staging the first ‘Tuesday Night Game’ – a monthly tournament named in honour […]

    Daniel’s wrong, I’m $10,000 Sure

    Note: Daniel Negreanu is not only a great poker player, but he’s one of the nicest guys in the business – a true gentleman. PokerStars did really well to get him onto their Team. This is a professional disagreement that he and I are having, nothing more. So, during the WCOOP main event last week, Daniel […]

    Roald’s Shirt

    The rain had soaked through my hat and had my shirt clinging to my chest. But it was a warm southwest Virginia summer rain, and like the fly rod ad says, “Rain delays are for baseball games.” So my cousin Roald Kirby and I stood out there in Fox Creek, on his property in Grayson […]