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    The Next Poker Book You Have To Read

    Preamble I will take it as stipulated that you read poker books. If you don’t, um, either you’re not interested in poker (which makes me wonder why you’re reading this), [1] or you play poker and don’t read poker books (which makes me wonder why you’re not in my game). I am inalterably persuaded that […]

    Overlay Heaven

    In my previous blog, I described the “Tuesday Night Game” that had spawned this whole series of tournaments, so I won’t tell you about that here. Instead, I’ll discuss something that interests poker players a lot more than history: free money. That’s right, folks, I said free money. Here’s the (bigger) deal: PokerStars is throwing an […]

    THE ‘TUESDAY NIGHT GAME’ – 2nd monthly online tourney 20 Nov

    All those who played in our first ‘Tuesday Night Game’ tournament last month will agree, I hope, that it was a wild and whacky success – with the possible exception of The Moll, a.k.a. Cindy Blake, whose all-in aces were cracked by some cockeyed optimist after approximately five minutes Nearly 200 starters seemed a handsome […]

    How do you play rebuy tournaments? Part One

    The Rebuy Tournament is the mainstay of cardroom action around the world for the average Joe. These days, large festival tournaments are restricted to freezeouts (one stack of chips and thats it) or double-chance options (half your stack at the beginning – half later), or even the occasional one rebuy (or top-up) option event. Things […]

    Ghosts at the Table

    ‘My chips have made it to the final table!’ cries Des Wilson at the end of his new book Ghosts at the Table – a history of poker boldly sub-titled ‘the world’s most popular game’. The only trouble is… they’ve made it there without him. Des’s chips are in someone else’s stack. It’s typical of […]

    The Tuesday Night Game Is Back

    If you’ve read Tony Holden’s classic book, Big Deal, you’ll recall the stories of the infamous Tuesday Night [Poker] Game, a sadly departed London institution among a bunch of Writers who vainly fancied themselves Poker Players. [1] Anyway, and PokerStars  have brought back the Tuesday Night Game in the form of a $10 tournament on […]