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    The Circus is in Town

    “Send in the clowns” Sitting in the press room at the EPT Dortmund , looking out the huge windows at the rain coming down on the forest that surrounds us. The trees are late-January bare, and a Smokey Mountain mist hangs in the air. Who knows – Mount Mitchell could be right across the valley below us. […]

    ‘Illegal’ clubs are still open for business

    As some of you will know I am involved in the Loose Cannon Club which is in the heart of the City of London. I have not spoken about this here before because quite frankly not a lot was happening at the place. Knowing the Gutshot Club was being taken to Court for infringements of […]

    The Tuesday Night Game

    A very warm welcome to readers of Tonight, Tuesday 15th January 2008, sees the fourth getting together of writers and readers in our PokerStars sponsored poker tournament. This is a $10 entry No-Limit Holdem freezeout event in which the prize fund is generously boosted to the tune of $2700 by our sponsors. In […]