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    Schindler’s Lift

    “In Poland there’s an inn, in Poland there’s an inn” You get in the elevator (“lift” to the Brits) at the Warsaw Hyatt, and right there, engraved into the door jamb, is the name “Schindler”. I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen the movie Schindler’s List. Whenever I’ve seen a movie (or play) […]

    The Tuesday Night Game VI

    From the beginning let me apologise for the trans-altlantic timing problem which led to the Tuesday Night Game starting at 7pm UK time rather than the planned 8pm. Due to clocks moving forward in the USA the PStars people forgot that we in Britain were still living in winter and many people missed the chance […]

    Played thirty four, lost thirty three

    Before bad knees and Benson & Hedges got to me, I used to play a lot of football. But about ten years ago, I had to stop. I simply couldn’t compete with younger, keener opponents. They kept on coming, those kids, leaving me wheezing and red-faced in their wake. So I put my muddy Nikes […]

    TUESDAY NIGHT GAME VI – sign up for 18 March !

    Among those who played in our February tournament was the poker correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph, David Flusfeder, whom I know to be a stylish guy as well as a classy player; he managed to get into the money in the ‘main event’ of last year’s WSOP. David is a novelist and screen-writer as well […]

    What I’m wearing in Copenhagen

    “It was red and yellow and green and brown and blue” When we’re at a European Poker Tour  event, it’s all too easy to spend the entire time inside the hotel. Your room is there, the tournament is there, the restaurant(s) and bar are there. After the long (and odd) hours, you find yourself thinking that […]