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  • TUESDAY NIGHT GAME VI – sign up for 18 March !

    By Anthony Holden

    Among those who played in our February tournament was the poker correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph, David Flusfeder, whom I know to be a stylish guy as well as a classy player; he managed to get into the money in the ‘main event’ of last year’s WSOP. David is a novelist and screen-writer as well as a versatile journalist; after regaling his readers with the history of the ‘legendary’ old Tuesday Night Game, and an account of his adventures in its new online reincarnation, he seemed surprised that ‘neither poetry nor great men’ were being discussed in his TNG chatbox. Maybe he hoped Al Alvarez and I would be swapping quotes from Shakespeare, as in (after a daunting raise): ‘Of all men else I have feared thee…’ But no, just the usual ‘gruel and grind’ of any online tournament prevailed.

    Welcome to the rough, tough world of, Dave! He was apparently ‘lurking’ on my table when my A-Q fell victim to Mozart of Dublin’s K-K – and reports, I’m pleased to say, that I departed ‘good-naturedly, perhaps appreciating the irony that someone who had taken the composer’s name had won a $50 bounty by knocking out the biographer of Mozart’s librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte.’

    Still with the culture! Clearly, Flusfeder is a man after my own heart… At his own table he found ‘the mix of bad temper and self-aggrandisement’ that is ‘familiar’ from ‘these kinds of tournaments’, with people shouting ‘loser’ at an opponent and bragging about their tournament successes (‘look it up u donk. sharkscope me.’). Meanwhile, they were ‘bluffing into dry pots, reraising with bottom pair to isolate against an all-in’ and suchlike.

    Well, that’s the way we like it, eh, guys and gals?

    Despite his less than literary surroundings, Flusfeder persisted long enough to make it into the money, exiting in 15th place, with $85.36 for his pains. ‘Not such a good return’ for four hours’ ‘gruel and grind’, he complained, if ‘ameliorated by the associations of virtual history.’

    To spare his blushes next week, I won’t reveal Flusfeder’s screen-name here. But hurry, hurry while seats last to take on him, me and the other BiggerDealers in next Tuesday’s sixth tourney, which begins at 8pm UK time, 3pm EST. The entry fee is $10 for a No-Limit Hold’em freezeout, with the prize fund generously boosted by PokerStars to the tune of $2,700. The blinds start at $25-$50 and increase in the usual way, with occasional five-minute breaks, and we generally reach the final table (all of whom receive signed copies of Bigger Deal) around midnight, wrapping it up by 1 a.m. or so (GMT). Former PokerStars card-room manager Lee Jones – yes, Mr. Online Poker himself – graciously hosts the final table..

    Ten percent of starters get into the money, and there’s a $50 bounty for the players who knock out me and Al ‘The Croney’ Alvarez. So register now via the Tuesday Night Game banner at the top middle of our home page.

    To play, you first have to download the software onto your laptop, PC or (now) Mac. If you don’t already have it then it is easily obtained via the tourney panel at the top of our home page, or by visiting and clicking on FREE POKER DOWNLOAD. Then you must open an account, if you don’t already have one, and deposit a few dollars – a minimum of $11 to enter the tournament.

    To register for The Tuesday Night Game tournament, log into and up the top of the ‘lobby’ page (the first one you see) click on the green button reading TOURNEY. Seven options appear across the top under the ‘Tourney’ button; click the one at the right reading PRIVATE, then scroll down to March 18th at 1500 (because it’s listed as EST) and double-click on ‘The Tuesday Night Game’. Click register and you will be asked for the password, which this month is CindyBlake (all one word, case sensitive). Entry closes one minute before the tournament is due to begin, though a few latecomers are usually admitted during the first level to make up the numbers.

    Ten percent of starters – now averaging 60 of 600 – will get into the money, and the first prize should be at least $1,500. Good luck from all of us here at – most of whom will be playing under names you can recognize. I’ll be hoping to see you – and the Telegraph’s David Flusfeder – at the final table!

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    Comment from Matty3131
    Time: March 14, 2008, 4:06 pm

    I have registered 4 it and should be able to make it, my 1st time. If i have work late ill just unreg and play another time. Cant wait, GL

    MadMatty3131 (England)

    Comment from 9|$JeFF$|9
    Time: March 17, 2008, 8:46 pm

    I just checke out the site-seems like a fun read. I already have Pokerstars downloaded.

    Can I join this tournmanent with you guys? 🙂

    Editor : Yes of course, its open to all

    Comment from Matt-Ptrou
    Time: March 18, 2008, 2:20 pm

    Hi Tony,

    received the signed book a coupel of weeks after reaching December Final Table, but havent received the book from reaching February’s, can you tell me when i shoudl receive it?
    will hopefully be around for another good game tonight.

    all the best


    Comment from Anthony Holden
    Time: March 19, 2008, 5:46 pm

    Matt-Prou – As I say beneath Richard’s new blog, PokerStars send out the books, and any probs should be taken up with them… all v best.

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