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    2008 WSOP – Day 7

    One Dane, one Russian, two Canadians and five Americans. We have our ‘November Nine’. It took until 3.30 a.m. on the 11th gruelling day of the tournament for Dean Hamrick of Minnesota to be eliminated in tenth place after some 15 hours of play, which had started at noon with the last 27 of the […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 6

    So much for the effect on poker of America’s anti-gaming legislation! After last year’s dip, the 2008 World Series of Poker has proved the largest and richest in its 39-year history, its 55 events drawing a record total of 58,720 entrants. Event No. 2, the $1,500 NLHE, boasted 3,929 runners – the largest field ever […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 5

    Rivered again. Or maybe, this time, I should say canaled. Two weeks ago today, I was in the real Venice, Italy, Europe, Civilisation. This morning I took a cab via Dean Martin Way and Frank Sinatra Drive to the replica Rialto, San Marco and Grand Canal of the vast Venetian, Las Vegas. I’d kept hearing about […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 4

    Seen one Cirque du Soleil, they say (at the more discriminating, i.e. less Vegas, end of the market), seen ’em all. Well, last night I saw my first – the Beatles extravaganza, ‘Love’, at the Mirage – and I, yes, lurved it. OK, it’s been on for three summers, but I haven’t had time to get […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 3

    A terrific dinner last night at the Wynn’s superb SW Steakhouse with Vicky Coren and our generous host, EPT boss John Duthie. Our wide-ranging conversation was, of course, way off the record, but I think it’s safe to reveal that we broke all usual Vegas rules with an in-depth discussion of current US politics – specifically, […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 2b

    In the official programme for the 2008 World Series of Poker, there’s a list of the Top Ten WSOP ‘pioneers’, i.e. those who shaped and/or changed the history of what is now the biggest (and richest) ‘sporting’ event on the planet. At No 1 is the man who started it all, Benny Binion, followed (quite […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 2a

    At the (first, more select) PokerStars party last night, Daniel Negreanu told me that he’d first read Big Deal when he still really was ‘Kid Poker’, still in high school in Toronto. He even wrote an essay about it. His 16-year-old self was already, he said, playing poker – the book had nothing to teach […]

    2008 WSOP – ‘Rest’ Day

    There’s no such thing as a rest day for writers. Today’s sole Day Off for main-event players was still a Day On for bloggers, with the WSOP”s annual news conference, a free lunch (yes, there does turn out to be such a thing), the annual media tournament (with an especially memorable moment for Yours Truly, […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 1d

    It’s nowhere near the pre-UIGEA record entry of 8,772 in 2006, when Jamie Gold won that staggering $12 million first prize. But this year’s world-title field of 6,844 is cheerfully ignoring US economic conditions by ranking as the second biggest in WSOP history. After the Spanish victory in Euro 2008, and now Nadal’s at Wimbledon, […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 1c

    I could blame the cards, the dealers, the TV lighting, the jetlag. I could quip, after watching that all-time-great men’s Wimbledon final, that at least there were no rain delays. But no, I’m not going to blame anyone or anything. For, reader, I survived Day One of the world-title event, and so climbed into the […]