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    TNG VII – Report from the runner-up

    Those of you, and once there were many, who lived in fear of BigArm on Poker Stars will sleep easier tonight. For today I can reveal that shadowy eidolon is none other than today’s friendly-faced blogger. Whilst unlikely to beat “No, Luke…I am your father” to the top of anyone’s list of all-time great revelations, […]

    THE TUESDAY NIGHT GAME IS BACK! Sign up for Tues 19 Aug

    Pulchritudinous, poker-savvy Victoria Coren will turn thirty-something (we’re too polite to ask) on Tuesday 19 August. So we have decided to celebrate her birthday in the name of our monthly tournament. As you can see from the panel at the top of our home page, VCoren is the (case-sensitive) password for the first in a […]