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    Let Loose

    Over a year ago I played poker in the best publishing party ever – Anthony Holden’s Bigger Deal launch. It was only the second time I had played poker. I did better than expected, finishing in the top 25. From then on I was hooked. I went on a poker odyssey that took me to […]

    Internet Poker: Another victory for monotonous efficiency?

    I have recently undertaken a change in my life that has, for better or worse, altered my perception in a seemingly unchangeable way. I have begun my internet poker career. Although this opening may seem slightly melodramatic, it does contain an element of truth, in that poker has become an increasingly important part of my […]

    The Oxford Cup – Sat 20 September

    For me it all starts with a hand of good old five-card draw. My dad taught me the game and we used to bet with pennies. An early memory I have is of raising and re-raising him in one pot we played on holiday. He gleefully turned over four sixes but I had four sevens! […]