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    What Is Art?

    Not long ago, when I was in my poker salad days, someone regurgitated a sound-bite that I have since heard a fair few times: ‘Fixed Limit is a science, No Limit is an art’, or words to that effect. Now I don’t want to shroud myself in controversy, or come across as a bit of […]


    With the UK’s students just waking up for the new 08/09 academic year, a small field of 58 managed 123 re-buys / add-ons to make this year’s Oxford Cup prize pool a whopping £3620. At Nottingham’s fine new poker venue, Dusk Till Dawn, play got underway a little after 2pm on Saturday 20th September. This […]

    The International TNG

    Congrats to Money Shake of Utrecht, who carried off the $595 first prize in this month’s Tuesday Night Game after a feisty heads-up with PLAICE (UK), who won $382.50 for coming second. I regret I missed the winning hand, as my phone rang (again – it kept going at crucial stages of the tourney, which […]

    TNG VIII. One rash push too many.

    On September 16th, a smaller than average field of 78 players took to the baize for the Bigger Deal Tuesday Night Game. After my solid performance in last month’s tournament, I was hoping to prove myself with another money finish this time out. Instead, I made a couple of bone-head moves late in the day […]

    EPT & WSOP LONDON – The beats go on

    There are hands, I am sure we can all agree, that make you wonder just what it is you have done to move the poker gods to quite such punitive wrath. One such saw my early exit from last week’s EPT London event at the ‘Vic’, which ended last night in £1 million victory for […]