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  • TNG – Tues 18th Nov

    By Anthony Holden

    This month we celebrate our New York correspondent, Peter Alson, in the password for our Tuesday Night Game. If he has finally recovered from celebrating the election of poker-playing Barack Obama – see my piece for Tina Brown’s – Pete will be joining in himself from the Big Apple.

    Nephew of the late, great Norman Mailer, Peter is the author of the terrific poker narrative Take Me To The River, and co-author with Nolan Dalla of the classic biography of Stuey ‘The Kid’ Ungar, One of a Kind (UK title : The Man Behind the Shades).

    An earlier incarnation of his gambling self also wrote the entertaining memoir Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie. I first got to know Peter while living and writing Big Deal in 1988-9, when he wrote the definitive profile of then world champ Johnny Chan in Esquire magazine. We have remained firm friends ever since, so it is incumbent upon me to remind you that all his books are available at

    As you can see from the panel at the top of our home page, PAlson is the (case-sensitive) password for this month’s Tuesday Night Game on, starting at 8pm (UK time, 1500 EST).

    That’s the good news. The less good is that, thanks to the credit crunch, we are no longer able to boost the prize money. But I get a sense that most regular players turn up for the fun – and the prestige of winning – more than the cash, which is anyway modest by online standards. So I do hope as many of you as possible will still be taking us on.

    I will embarrass myself, as usual, by playing under my own name, as will other bloggers from this site. And the entry fee is little more than the equivalent of a fiver!  So hurry, hurry while seats last. The entry fee for the tourney is $10 plus $1. It’s a No-Limit Hold’em freezeout; the blinds start at $10-20 and increase at a stately pace, with occasional five-minute breaks, and we generally reach the final table around midnight, wrapping it up by 1 a.m. or so (GMT).

    Ten percent of starters get into the money, and there is a really good atmosphere throughout. Much friendlier than most such tournaments, with a good deal of merriment in the chat boxes, usually at my expense. There is also a signed book for the lucky (by definition) player who knocks me out.

    To play, you first have to download the software onto your laptop, PC or Mac. If you don’t already have it then it is easily obtained via the tourney panel at the top of our home page, or by visiting the Bigger Deal Download page  and clicking on FREE POKER DOWNLOAD.   Then you must open an account (if you don’t already have one), and deposit a few dollars – a minimum of $11 to enter the tournament.

    To register for The Tuesday Night Game tournament, just log in to and up the top of its home, or ‘lobby’ page, click on the green button reading TOURNEY. Seven options appear across the top under the ‘Tourney’ button; click the one at the right reading PRIVATE, then scroll down to Nov 18th at 1500 (because it’s listed as EST) and double-click on ‘The Tuesday Night Game’.   Click register and you will be asked for the password, which this month is PAlson (all one word, case sensitive). Entry closes one minute before the tournament is due to begin.

    It’s important to note that the password changes each month, for each event, and this will always be displayed on the banner at the top middle of our home page.

    Go get ’em / us ! 

    And see you at the final table !

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    Comment from Peter Alson
    Time: November 18, 2008, 6:35 am

    Just signed up for the tourney. For those that are interested in being able to gloat after they knock me out, my Pstars name is Mortallock.
    Peter A.

    Comment from Nigel Osbourne
    Time: November 18, 2008, 11:50 pm

    Having made the final table (ProsperityHB) I found myself with AQ and reraised all in to Mortallock’s original raise. Well, it worked earlier against him when I had 77 and God knows the chips would have been handy. No gloating for me tonight though as he turned over AA and I duly crashed and burned. Good fun tonight though. I look forward to next month.

    Comment from DILEEP JOSE
    Time: May 19, 2009, 2:57 am

    still waiitng for ur book won last year

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