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 Welcome to, the poker website with a difference,  launched alongside Anthony Holden’s (pictured right) new book Bigger Deal, 2007 sequel to 1990’s cult poker classic Big Deal. will be bringing you regular blogs from the best poker writers on the planet. We are all players, too, most of whom have won tournaments, large or small – but few of us claim to be world-class. Like you, we love the game, its subtleties, its folklore – and those of us who remember the old, pre-TV, pre-internet days at Binion’s and elsewhere relish the ‘new’ poker just as much as the ‘old’.

We rejoice in the poker boom, the global explosion of recent years which has brought so many new players to the game, even changed the way it is played. ‘Aggression’ seems to have become the keyword these days, even at the expense of busting out of tournaments on Day One as the price of trying to get to the final table.

And we deplore the US legislation which has made it so much harder – at least for now – for 30 million Americans to play in their own homes a game that remains perfectly legal in a casino. Along with the Poker Players Association, we will be campaigning for poker to be set apart from the others forms of gambling crippled by the new laws.

Al Alvarez, indeed, will be telling you that poker isn’t gambling…

Why do you think all these Scandinavians are suddenly dominating the European poker scene? (Maybe you are one! – if so, is it something in the water?) How about the way Harrah’s ran last year’s World Series at the Rio? The uncouth table manners pioneered by some professional players, old and new – now rendered so universal by those players in search of TV ‘air-time’? These and other such poker issues will be hot topics on

Tournament play, cash games, online poker, all variants of the game but especially Hold’em – limit, pot limit, no limit : these, too, are the themes you will be reading about here every day, along with anecdotes about poker’s great players, eyewitness accounts of historic poker moments, memories of tournaments past as well as running commentaries on tournaments in progress.

“The wit and wisdom of poker” – that’s our daily online brief.

And we’ll be running our own cash games and tournaments, too, in conjunction with our sponsors, – where you can take on Anthony Holden, Al Alvarez, Lee Jones, Grub Smith, the “Moll’ (a.k.a. American novelist Cindy Blake) and our other celebrity writers. In London we have a direct link with Roy Houghton’s Loose Cannon club, the handsome new poker room on the Thames in Blackfriars, where we’ll be holding ‘ evenings’ at which we look forward to meeting you, our members – whether to chat over a drink, or take each other on across the felt.

Your views are as important to us as our own. We hope you will respond online to our writers’ views, to get a dialogue – or ‘diablog’ – going as lively and original as any on the web. Tell us which poker websites you like to play on, and why – your favourite players, your choice plays – your thoughts and gripes about last night’s cash game, the last tournament you played in, any poker topic at all. We’ll even listen to your bad-beat stories!

Think of as a poker club for those who love playing the game and reading about it, arguing its finer points and relishing its greatest moments. Membership is free, and all are welcome. We hope to build a poker community in which players at any level of experience or ability are all rendered equal by the poker gods.

So, again, welcome ! And enjoy ! With your help, we can build the world’s smartest online poker community – the Thinking Player’s Poker Site.









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