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  • Oliver Chubb


    Oliver ('Olls') Chubb has been playing poker 'as long as I can remember'. He has played stud and draw since the age of eight or so ('always for money, even if coppers'); then he learned Hold'em and Omaha while at Oxford University, starting in 1999, and first played online in 2001. After graduating in 2002, he 'went full time' in 2004, and moved to Canada for a while - as featured on pages 73-4 of Bigger Deal.

    Oliver's favourite games are full ring NLHE cash games and MTTs. He has played in the UK, Canada, USA, Holland and Australia, as well as a CardPlayer Cruise to St. Kitts etc. Oliver has plenty of experience playing live as well as online.

    Oliver's Blogs

    • 21 Nov 2008 - Nov TNG Report

      On Tuesday I had the pleasure of sitting at Tony Holden’s shoulder and sharing a bottle of Merlot as he played in Bigger Deal’s monthly Tuesday Night game. Trying to play decent poker while keeping notes for the blog and one eye on Dani Behr prancing around a jungle in her bikini was certainly a […]

    • 13 Oct 2008 - TNG VIII. One rash push too many.

      On September 16th, a smaller than average field of 78 players took to the baize for the Bigger Deal Tuesday Night Game. After my solid performance in last month’s tournament, I was hoping to prove myself with another money finish this time out. Instead, I made a couple of bone-head moves late in the day […]

    • 22 Aug 2008 - TNG VII – Report from the runner-up

      Those of you, and once there were many, who lived in fear of BigArm on Poker Stars will sleep easier tonight. For today I can reveal that shadowy eidolon is none other than today’s friendly-faced blogger. Whilst unlikely to beat “No, Luke…I am your father” to the top of anyone’s list of all-time great revelations, […]

    • 10 May 2008 - WSOP FINAL TABLE – the debate rages

      The World Series as we know it was born in 1971. Since then, player numbers have swelled, events have been added and the tournament relocated, but the format has remained largely unchanged. The pattern so far has been familiar: poker-mania in Vegas builds during the preceding events until a champion is crowned in the early […]