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    Peter Alson is the author of the highly acclaimed memoirs Take Me to the River and Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie; and coauthor of One of a Kind, a biography of the poker champion Stuey Ungar, and Atlas: From the Street to the Ring: A Son's Struggle to Become a Man.

    Alson's articles have appeared in many national magazines, including Esquire, Playboy, and The New York Times Magazine. He lives in New York with his wife, Alice, and their daughter Eden.

    Peter's Blogs

    • 26 Feb 2008 - The Worst Bad Luck of All

      The phone rang. It was my friend T. “Have you heard?” he asked. Whenever a New York poker player asks me if I’ve heard, I know that he is about to tell me some bad news. Poker is illegal in the big bad city, which means that the clubs are targets for both cops and […]

    • 01 Jul 2007 - Good Reads, Bad Reads and Some of the Stuff in Between

      My annual trip to the WSOP isn’t what it used to be. I’m not single anymore for one thing. I’ve got responsibilities. A wife. A child. And I’m older. I’ve got hemherroids. I can’t sit on my ass for days on end. The Main Event? Forget it. Two weeks is about a week too long. […]

    • 18 Jun 2007 - Check it at the Door

      I’ve been playing at the underground card clubs in New York again, after a slight break following the birth of our daughter, Eden River (yes, someday she will be able to divine the true nature of her daddy’s degenerate ways in the tea leaves of her middle name – but you have to admit it’s a […]