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    Joe Barnard is a maths teacher/event organiser. He founded the Oxford University Poker Society in 2002, ran the University Poker League (2003-2008) and is most proud of forming the ‘Oxford Cup’, a prestigious event on the student poker calendar.

    Having organised two poker tours across the UK’s universities, Joe claims to have been at more student final tables than anyone else, “even if I have dealt most of ‘em”! Joe’s fondest poker memories include playing Phil Hellmuth in a 10p/20p cash game, playing through the night at Binions and making a $2 profit & each and every one of the Oxford Cup tournaments to date!

    Joe's Blogs

    • 24 Oct 2008 - 2008 OXFORD CUP REPORT

      With the UK’s students just waking up for the new 08/09 academic year, a small field of 58 managed 123 re-buys / add-ons to make this year’s Oxford Cup prize pool a whopping £3620. At Nottingham’s fine new poker venue, Dusk Till Dawn, play got underway a little after 2pm on Saturday 20th September. This […]

    • 08 Sep 2008 - The Oxford Cup – Sat 20 September

      For me it all starts with a hand of good old five-card draw. My dad taught me the game and we used to bet with pennies. An early memory I have is of raising and re-raising him in one pot we played on holiday. He gleefully turned over four sixes but I had four sevens! […]