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    Roy Houghton has been involved in the poker world since 1966.

    He was the person to hold a poker tournament in the UK, which was held at London's Victoria Casino in 1978.

    Roy also invented the double chance freeze-out which was first introduced in the annual Isle of Man events, which were held from 1996 to 1999. Thinking that a £1000 was a lot of money to risk in one hand, he devised the system where a player uses half of their chips at the start and then receives the second half at end of third level of bliinds.

    Double chance was used for the first Ladbrokes Poker Million in 2000. The tournament was a great
    success and Roy now wishes he had patented the format.

    Roy was one of the original staff at the fledgling Gutshot Club in London's Clerkenwell district and now runs the Loose Cannon Poker Club at 13-16 All Hallows Lane, London EC4R 3UL.

    Roy's Blogs

    • 19 Jan 2008 - ‘Illegal’ clubs are still open for business

      As some of you will know I am involved in the Loose Cannon Club which is in the heart of the City of London. I have not spoken about this here before because quite frankly not a lot was happening at the place. Knowing the Gutshot Club was being taken to Court for infringements of […]

    • 20 Oct 2007 - Poker in Portugal

      Recently I took a very pleasant ten-day break in Portugal. No planning, no hotels booked, I just flew to Lisbon, hired a car and took off. Some way into the trip I called into the town of Espinho (300km north of Lisbon) and much to my surprise managed to get into a hotel right next […]

    • 28 Jun 2007 - How fortunes change

      Al Alvarez talks at some length in his first posting about the fact that poker is a game of skill, not of luck. But Al, like all of us from time to time, must have experienced a period of constant outdraws. This is an incredibly frustrating time for a poker-player, and as we all know […]

    • 28 May 2007 - ‘Moody’ Blues

      We all know what attributes a person needs to become a good player. But what does it take to become a tournament director? Obviously he or she requires a thorough understanding of poker, but does not necessarily have to be a good player. He needs to be totally unbiased when asked to give a ruling, […]

    • 26 Apr 2007 - Does reading books on poker strategy help your game?

      I have been involved in the poker world for forty years now (am still a bad player), and there is something that has recently happened in the TDA rules that I do not agree with. This rule applies to both tournament and cash games and your opinions on this ruling would be greatly appreciated. Example […]