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  • Joe Saumarez Smith


    Joe Saumarez Smith has worked in the online gambling industry for more than a decade and writes for about the business of gambling.

    Joe was a national newspaper journalist in the UK for five years before switching to the world of gambling. His management consultancy, Sports Gaming, has advised many of the leading gambling companies on marketing, strategy and financial restructuring.

    He owns a network of UK online bingo sites, including Crown Bingo and is the gambling columnist for Bloomberg.

    Joe first visited the World Series of Poker in 1993 and went every year until 2002 but his best ever finish was in the first year, when he finished second in the media event. His main claim to poker fame was being invited back the following year as the ‘reigning press champion’ as the previous year’s winner, Bill ‘Bulldog’ Sykes, had unfortunately passed away shortly after victory.

    Joe has written for a wide variety of publications, usually about gambling, including the Financial Times, The Times, Sunday Business, Business Life, The Telegraph, The Express and numerous magazines.

    Joe has a undergraduate degree from the University of Bristol and a MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives in London.

    Joe's Blogs

    • 03 Jun 2008 - WORLD SERIES 2008 – let’s hear it for the Excessive Celebration Rule !

      Since taking over the World Series of Poker, and moving it to the Rio in 2005, Harrah’s hasn’t had the greatest press. Critics and players have complained about how corporate the event has become, with beer commercials on every table layout and ESPN dictating the scheduling of final tables. Some of the carping has been […]

    • 26 Apr 2007 - Business of Gaming – The Rake

      Julius "Big Julie" Weintraub said that the man who invented poker was bright but the man who invented the poker chip was a genius. If you own a poker room, you might add that the man who invented the rake was an absolute legend. The rake is a player’s biggest enemy. It eats away at […]