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    Lee Jones has become one of the most recognizable names (and faces) in the “new” poker industry. He got involved in commercial poker over 20 years ago, starting his career as an amateur player at the Garden City and Bay 101 clubs in San Jose, California. In 1994, he wrote Winning Low Limit Hold’em, the first book written specifically for new hold’em players. It is in its third edition now, and is still considered one of the important primers for hold’em novices.

    In the late 80’s, Lee began writing for Card Player magazine, and he still writes a monthly column for them. He is one of the longest serving writers on the magazine.

    In 2003, Lee was named poker room manager for, the leading (and now largest) online poker site. While at PokerStars, he became a household name for poker players through his posts on poker forums, emails to players, appearances at live events, and hosting of the final table of the “Sunday Million”, PokerStars’ flagship weekly tournament. It was also at PokerStars that Lee cemented his reputation for fairness and integrity, often dealing with highly charged and sensitive public issues.

    In April of 2007, Lee stepped down from the poker room manager role. He now works for the European Poker Tour, doing event hosting, web-casting, and commentary for the EPT TV shows. He also maintains a consulting relationship with

    Lee is delighted to be part of the team, and looks forward to frequent appearances on its pages.

    Lee regrets that because of rules about employees and consultings playing on the site, he will not be able to play in any of the tournaments.

    Lee's Blogs

    • 22 Apr 2008 - Good night Monte Carlo

      “If you start me up, I’ll never stop” Ever wonder why Mick Jagger is still touring with Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie, dancing across stages around the world, and certainly stressing his 60+ year old bones? Remember, this guy is a legendary businessman – he probably has the money to buy W1 if he wanted to. […]

    • 21 Mar 2008 - Schindler’s Lift

      “In Poland there’s an inn, in Poland there’s an inn” You get in the elevator (“lift” to the Brits) at the Warsaw Hyatt, and right there, engraved into the door jamb, is the name “Schindler”. I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen the movie Schindler’s List. Whenever I’ve seen a movie (or play) […]

    • 03 Mar 2008 - What I’m wearing in Copenhagen

      “It was red and yellow and green and brown and blue” When we’re at a European Poker Tour  event, it’s all too easy to spend the entire time inside the hotel. Your room is there, the tournament is there, the restaurant(s) and bar are there. After the long (and odd) hours, you find yourself thinking that […]

    • 31 Jan 2008 - The Circus is in Town

      “Send in the clowns” Sitting in the press room at the EPT Dortmund , looking out the huge windows at the rain coming down on the forest that surrounds us. The trees are late-January bare, and a Smokey Mountain mist hangs in the air. Who knows – Mount Mitchell could be right across the valley below us. […]

    • 22 Dec 2007 - It’s snowin’ on Prague

      “It’s snowin’ on Raton. Come morning, I’ll be through them hills and gone.” Fresh back from the Prague EPT. Snowflakes fell on us as we were eating sausages with sauerkraut and mustard at the Christmas market in Wenceslas Square. With a scene like that, the poker was an added bonus. Truth to tell, the poker […]

    • 24 Nov 2007 - The Next Poker Book You Have To Read

      Preamble I will take it as stipulated that you read poker books. If you don’t, um, either you’re not interested in poker (which makes me wonder why you’re reading this), [1] or you play poker and don’t read poker books (which makes me wonder why you’re not in my game). I am inalterably persuaded that […]

    • 22 Nov 2007 - Overlay Heaven

      In my previous blog, I described the “Tuesday Night Game” that had spawned this whole series of tournaments, so I won’t tell you about that here. Instead, I’ll discuss something that interests poker players a lot more than history: free money. That’s right, folks, I said free money. Here’s the (bigger) deal: PokerStars is throwing an […]

    • 02 Nov 2007 - The Tuesday Night Game Is Back

      If you’ve read Tony Holden’s classic book, Big Deal, you’ll recall the stories of the infamous Tuesday Night [Poker] Game, a sadly departed London institution among a bunch of Writers who vainly fancied themselves Poker Players. [1] Anyway, and PokerStars  have brought back the Tuesday Night Game in the form of a $10 tournament on […]

    • 05 Oct 2007 - Daniel’s wrong, I’m $10,000 Sure

      Note: Daniel Negreanu is not only a great poker player, but he’s one of the nicest guys in the business – a true gentleman. PokerStars did really well to get him onto their Team. This is a professional disagreement that he and I are having, nothing more. So, during the WCOOP main event last week, Daniel […]

    • 02 Oct 2007 - Roald’s Shirt

      The rain had soaked through my hat and had my shirt clinging to my chest. But it was a warm southwest Virginia summer rain, and like the fly rod ad says, “Rain delays are for baseball games.” So my cousin Roald Kirby and I stood out there in Fox Creek, on his property in Grayson […]