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  • Thomaz Steuerman


    Thomaz Steuerman is a twenty year old student currently at the LSE, playing poker on the side in an attempt to make student life more comfortable.

    His interest in the game began at age thirteen when his father taught him five card stud and draw on holiday with his brother. His father, being the competitive man he is, did not relent in taking vast quantities of his allowance back, perhaps as a life lesson, but more probably for fun.

    Since then he has played most of his poker with friends for small stakes at ‘Ramone’s card club’ (his friend Jake’s basement) and since turning eighteen he has frequented The Gutshot and The Grosvenor Victoria to play tournaments and cash games respectively.

    It was after his brother showed him a Taylor Caby (AKA GreenPlastic) instructional poker video in January of this year that he was inspired to begin to play seriously on the internet in six handed games starting off at $25NL and is at the moment trying to break through $400NL.

    Thomaz's Blogs

    • 25 Jan 2009 - The ‘Poker God’ Delusion

      I consider it symptomatic of a serious character flaw on my part that when someone mentions the ‘Poker Gods’, I tend to contradict them with ramblings about standard deviation. Evidently, this is not what people want to hear when their aces get cracked by the monkey playing ‘in the dark’ with his miracle fours full of eights

    • 27 Oct 2008 - What Is Art?

      Not long ago, when I was in my poker salad days, someone regurgitated a sound-bite that I have since heard a fair few times: ‘Fixed Limit is a science, No Limit is an art’, or words to that effect. Now I don’t want to shroud myself in controversy, or come across as a bit of […]

    • 08 Sep 2008 - Internet Poker: Another victory for monotonous efficiency?

      I have recently undertaken a change in my life that has, for better or worse, altered my perception in a seemingly unchangeable way. I have begun my internet poker career. Although this opening may seem slightly melodramatic, it does contain an element of truth, in that poker has become an increasingly important part of my […]