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    Richard Whitehouse graduated from Guildhall College London in 1987 after reading Physics. After working as a computer programmer for 2 years the gambling world offered him an opening that he couldn't refuse.

    In 1990 he started with casinos in what became a 10 year assault on wayward establishments that didn't bother to know what they were doing. Later the same year Backgammon became his game of choice with plenty of success in the London scene. At this time poker was quite popular and by 1992 he had moved from rank poker beginner to collecting his first win at the festival in Torquay of 1993.

    From '93 to '96 small poker tournaments were the rage and he collected over 200 places through a hectic schedule that took him to casinos in England, Scotland, Wales, Holland and the USA. Backgammon proved more of an international success with two wins on the circuit in Sweden and Monte Carlo and he was a regular face at the World Championships from 1990 - 2000.

    From 1994 onwards Richard decided that bookmakers should not be left out and took to sports betting to fill in the gaps of casino activity.

    In the late 90s as poker began to be forcefully bumped from casinos around the country he began developing and editing The Good Gambling Guide, which still remains a bank of information online to this day.

    Richard can be found today playing cash and tournament poker along the south coast and in London and will be editing content on

    Richard's Blogs

    • 19 Mar 2008 - The Tuesday Night Game VI

      From the beginning let me apologise for the trans-altlantic timing problem which led to the Tuesday Night Game starting at 7pm UK time rather than the planned 8pm. Due to clocks moving forward in the USA the PStars people forgot that we in Britain were still living in winter and many people missed the chance […]

    • 23 Feb 2008 - How do you play rebuy tournaments? Part two

      In my previous blog we talked about basic principles of playing a rebuy tournament. This outlined the structual changes during the event, specifically the rebuy period, that effected changes in the players’ rebuy strategy. Now it’s time to look at how different playing styles can operate within these guidelines. I have decided that there are […]

    • 15 Jan 2008 - The Tuesday Night Game

      A very warm welcome to readers of Tonight, Tuesday 15th January 2008, sees the fourth getting together of writers and readers in our PokerStars sponsored poker tournament. This is a $10 entry No-Limit Holdem freezeout event in which the prize fund is generously boosted to the tune of $2700 by our sponsors. In […]

    • 10 Nov 2007 - How do you play rebuy tournaments? Part One

      The Rebuy Tournament is the mainstay of cardroom action around the world for the average Joe. These days, large festival tournaments are restricted to freezeouts (one stack of chips and thats it) or double-chance options (half your stack at the beginning – half later), or even the occasional one rebuy (or top-up) option event. Things […]

    • 04 Sep 2007 - The Road Trip

      Television around the world is desperate. You can’t switch on these days without seeing a lost-for-ideas celebrity wandering the highways and byways in search of nostalgia. And this I did a couple of weeks ago to view a fat Scottish man, Robbie Coltrane (better known as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films), behind the […]

    • 26 Jul 2007 - The bots are coming!

      The End is Nigh! Or is it? It all began in 1992 when a thing called Chinook took on a man called Dr. Marion Tinsley. Who he and what it, I expect you’re wondering? Well, Tinsley was as close to god as you can get in the sleepy world of draughts (checkers). In his World […]

    • 16 Jun 2007 - Premier Poker Punch-up

      Residing in the UK gives the cable/satellite television viewer a plethora of poker products to muse over, select and devour at weird times of the day and night. No it doesn’t. The home-grown products are nearly all so shockingly dire that you really have to be excited by a family birthday video to be able […]

    • 06 May 2007 - What do they think of us?

      When I was a travelling Blackjack player, drifting around the country from casino to casino, sometimes in one place for months, there was always one question I dreaded. From anyone. "What do you do for a living?" I had practiced the answer to this at length but I wouldn’t be tested for months at a […]