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    Internet Poker: Another victory for monotonous efficiency?

    I have recently undertaken a change in my life that has, for better or worse, altered my perception in a seemingly unchangeable way. I have begun my internet poker career. Although this opening may seem slightly melodramatic, it does contain an element of truth, in that poker has become an increasingly important part of my […]

    Duck milks cow

    The main news to emerge from our fifth Tuesday Night Game, sponsored by PokerStars, is that there is now a baby cow in Tipperary named Tony Holden. This singular honour came my way around 1.30 a.m., thanks to a communications breakdown during the frenzied heads-up that climaxed a feisty final table. After a deal made […]

    Tuesday Night Game V

    Math(s), as readers of my poker books will know, has never been my strong suit. But I do now know what ‘exponential’ actually means. The number of starters in our Tuesday Night Game tournaments, hosted and sponsored by, has indeed grown exponentially since they started in October. The first tourney boasted a decent 190 […]

    The Tuesday Night Game

    A very warm welcome to readers of Tonight, Tuesday 15th January 2008, sees the fourth getting together of writers and readers in our PokerStars sponsored poker tournament. This is a $10 entry No-Limit Holdem freezeout event in which the prize fund is generously boosted to the tune of $2700 by our sponsors. In […]

    Overlay Heaven

    In my previous blog, I described the “Tuesday Night Game” that had spawned this whole series of tournaments, so I won’t tell you about that here. Instead, I’ll discuss something that interests poker players a lot more than history: free money. That’s right, folks, I said free money. Here’s the (bigger) deal: PokerStars is throwing an […]

    THE ‘TUESDAY NIGHT GAME’ – 2nd monthly online tourney 20 Nov

    All those who played in our first ‘Tuesday Night Game’ tournament last month will agree, I hope, that it was a wild and whacky success – with the possible exception of The Moll, a.k.a. Cindy Blake, whose all-in aces were cracked by some cockeyed optimist after approximately five minutes Nearly 200 starters seemed a handsome […]

    How do you play rebuy tournaments? Part One

    The Rebuy Tournament is the mainstay of cardroom action around the world for the average Joe. These days, large festival tournaments are restricted to freezeouts (one stack of chips and thats it) or double-chance options (half your stack at the beginning – half later), or even the occasional one rebuy (or top-up) option event. Things […]

    The Tuesday Night Game Is Back

    If you’ve read Tony Holden’s classic book, Big Deal, you’ll recall the stories of the infamous Tuesday Night [Poker] Game, a sadly departed London institution among a bunch of Writers who vainly fancied themselves Poker Players. [1] Anyway, and PokerStars  have brought back the Tuesday Night Game in the form of a $10 tournament on […]


    ‘Play poker against Anthony Holden, Al Alvarez, Grub Smith, Cindy Blake and the other bloggers…’ That’s what we’ve been saying on this website throughout its first six months. Now we are ready to deliver. On Tuesday 30 October, we will be staging the first ‘Tuesday Night Game’ – a monthly tournament named in honour […]

    Throw the History Books Out, Again.

    For better or worse, I wasn’t at the WSOP Europe inaugural event. If the situation for the press and media was anything like Grub Smith described, I think it’s better that I was safely ensconced here in the north. But honestly, I would have liked to have been there just to the see the smile […]