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    2008 WSOP – Day 1c

    I could blame the cards, the dealers, the TV lighting, the jetlag. I could quip, after watching that all-time-great men’s Wimbledon final, that at least there were no rain delays. But no, I’m not going to blame anyone or anything. For, reader, I survived Day One of the world-title event, and so climbed into the […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 1b

    The date being the Fourth of July, players were issued with American (and other) flags as they entered the Amazon Room for Day 1b of the Main Event, which began with a country-n-western version of the US national anthem before reigning champ Jerry Yang intoned the ritual cry of ‘Shuffle up and deal’. Britain’s Victoria […]

    2008 WSOP – Day 1a

    Ambling down the long Rio corridor towards the Amazon Room, scene of the WSOP tournaments, I found myself ambling alongside Australian cricketer-turned-poker player Shane Warne. (In the flesh, since you ask, he’s bigger and burlier than expected). That puts a new spin on the state of play hereabouts. Tennis champ Boris Becker has also turned […]

    2008 WSOP – The Year of the Pro

    Way down below the picture-window of my 52nd-floor suite atop the Palms Hotel-Resort, framed by the stunningly beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains on the horizon, the Rio hotel-casino looks the size of a matchbox. Head downstairs and struggle across the road in the 120-degree heat, however, and it soon returns to scale : the imposing if […]


    I’m off to Vegas this weekend, and will start reporting here next week on this year’s World Series of Poker – including my own progress (or, just possibly, lack of it) in the Main Event. I’ll be playing as a ‘Friend of PokerStars’, a new category of player sponsored by the world’s biggest poker website […]

    WORLD SERIES 2008 – let’s hear it for the Excessive Celebration Rule !

    Since taking over the World Series of Poker, and moving it to the Rio in 2005, Harrah’s hasn’t had the greatest press. Critics and players have complained about how corporate the event has become, with beer commercials on every table layout and ESPN dictating the scheduling of final tables. Some of the carping has been […]

    WSOP FINAL TABLE – the debate rages

    The World Series as we know it was born in 1971. Since then, player numbers have swelled, events have been added and the tournament relocated, but the format has remained largely unchanged. The pattern so far has been familiar: poker-mania in Vegas builds during the preceding events until a champion is crowned in the early […]

    Throw the History Books Out, Again.

    For better or worse, I wasn’t at the WSOP Europe inaugural event. If the situation for the press and media was anything like Grub Smith described, I think it’s better that I was safely ensconced here in the north. But honestly, I would have liked to have been there just to the see the smile […]

    Press squeezed to get poker juice from WSOPE

     I grew up in a crossword solving house. Home from work, my dad like to settle down in his armchair with the Telegraph or the Times, chewing the end of his pencil as he decoded the cryptic intentions of the setter. It was a contest every evening, a battle between two formidable brains. He enjoyed […]

    WSOP 07 : The Endgame

    So it’s true. Psychological savvy helps. For the superstitious (like me), it was also his commitment to giving 10% of his winnings to charity that saw 40-year-old psychologist Jerry Yang from Laos, now resident in California, arrive at the final table with by far the punchiest karma. When play began at noon yesterday, Yang held […]